Terms of Sales

In the interest of mutual respect and for the proper functioning of our services and your stays, we kindly ask you to read these general conditions of sale carefully and to accept them by checking the box provided for this purpose at the time of the reservation (terms of acceptance on the site), this formality being compulsory to accept your reservation.
The person who validates these conditions recognizes to be of legal age and to have full legal capacity.

These general conditions apply to all reservations of Villa Lombardi made on our Site or on any other sales platform. The reservation of Villa Lombardi implies acceptance of these general conditions of sale which prevail over any other previous conditions or even over any general conditions of purchase.

ARTICLE 1: Definitions
The terms below will have the following meaning between the Parties:
"Client" or "Resident": means any person using the Services provided by Villa Lombardi.
"Services": refers to the accommodation services provided by Villa Lombardi, fully furnished and equipped "ready to live in" and also including the provision of household linen and toiletries. The Services do not include the additional services referred to in article 14 of these conditions.
"Site": means the website accessible at the following address: www.lavillalombardi.com
"User": designates any person who visits the Site, including Customers.

ARTICLE 2 - General conditions of use of the Site
The User of this Site is responsible for damages of any kind, material or immaterial, direct or indirect, caused to any third party and / or to Villa Lombardi, as a result of the illegal use and / or exploitation of the site of Villa Lombardi itself and / or one of its elements, whatever the cause and the place of occurrence of these damages, and guarantees Villa Lombardi from the consequences of claims or actions which it could, therefore, make 'object.
The User of the Villa Lombardi site renounces to exercise any recourse against Villa Lombardi in the case of the due diligence by a third party against him because of the illegal use and / or exploitation of the Villa Lombardi site.

ARTICLE 3 - General booking conditions

The reservation of Villa Lombardi is only valid after acceptance of the reservation by Villa Lombardi. Confirmation of the reservation remains at the discretion of Villa Lombardi.
Villa Lombardi notably reserves the right not to follow up on any reservation made by a person who makes fraudulent use of the Site or who does not comply with these General Terms and Conditions of Sale (in particular in the event of a Villa Lombardi reservation in view to organize an event there that would disturb the peace).
By making a reservation, you agree to receive:
A confirmation email summarizing the terms of the reservation contract, the services reserved, the prices and conditions relating to the selected rate that Villa Lombardi will send you before the date of your arrival. Villa Lombardi will be able to send you after the end of your stay, and who will invite you to fill out a customer feedback questionnaire.
Apart from the confirmation e-mail, any e-mails for modification or cancellation of your reservation, sent as confirmation, communication e-mails from us, invitations to fill out our questionnaire customer comments, and emails you have agreed to receive, we do not send other announcements, emails, or messages (solicited or unsolicited), unless you have expressly authorized us to do so.

Villa Lombardi may have to ask you for a copy of your national identity card and / or passport, in particular for the purpose of securing payment (for example in the absence of application of the 3D secure or SCA device, Strong Customer Authentication, stronger customer authentication).

1 / Your e-mail address must be complete and real because we send the confirmation of your reservation on this e-mail with the access codes to your suite.

2 / Your mobile phone number must be complete and real and the one you will use when you arrive at Villa Lombardi.

3 / You receive a confirmation of your reservation by e-mail immediately after your confirmation of reservation on our site. If you do not receive this email, it has either gone to your spam, your email address is incorrect, or there has been an electronic problem. In any case, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have chosen this rate, the full amount of your stay will be charged on the day of booking.

5 / When the payment is accepted and validated you receive a confirmation from the latter thanks to a message which appears in a window after the CB payment space on the Site.

6 / You will simultaneously receive a confirmation of your reservation by e-mail with the contact details of La Villa Lombardi to access it.

7 / If you do not receive this e-mail, it has either gone to your spam, or your e-mail address is incorrect, or there has been an electronic problem. In any case, do not hesitate to contact us.

8 / The day of your departure, you will receive a thank you email in which you will also be able, via a link in this thank you email, to recommend a contact (sponsorship offer).

9 / If you have booked through a platform other than the Site, the conditions and processes are different. We advise you to read the conditions of these platforms. To receive the information, La Villa Lombardi must register your reservation on its platform and validate your payment information.

10 / The tourist tax is regulated by the municipality of Les Riceys. it is set at € 1.20 per adult per night. The tourist tax is added to the total amount of your reservation.

11 / Any behavior by the Client and / or their guests that would be contrary to the principles of safety and / or hygiene, the rules of tranquility, good morals and / or public order may lead to ARTICLE 4 - Payment conditions

The numbers of your bank card are required by Villa Lombardi on the Site to guarantee your reservation and your payment. No banking information is stored on our Site but on a specialized and secure platform: STRIPE (trusted third party for payment management). In order to protect and encrypt your credit card data when it passes through our Site, standard SSL security technology ("Secure Socket Layer") is used during the provision of our services. Banking transactions are carried out via the STRIPE platform. To find out more about the general conditions of use of the STRIPE platform, click on the following link: https://stripe.com/en/privacy.

The payment of your stay is made according to the chosen rate, all taxes included (including the tourist tax) and only in euros according to the following methods:

Rate cancellable and refundable until D-14: the full amount of the reservation is charged on the same day of the reservation. In case of cancellation before D-14, a management fee of 5% of the amount of your reservation will remain acquired at La Villa Lombardi
There will be no refunds beyond this date.
Under certain conditions and subject to availability, we can move the reservation. This action will only be done with the consent of the Villa Lombardi team and under certain conditions (in particular depending on the periods, availability, etc.). Consult us before your cancellation.
For certain rates and special offers, please note that we reserve the right to pre-authorize your bank card without debit.

ARTICLE 5 - Security depositVilla
For any reservation, whatever its duration, a valid credit card number for the duration of your stay must be communicated to us as a guarantee. The Customer expressly authorizes Villa Lombardi to keep the data thus provided for the time necessary to achieve their purpose and to carry out a bank pre-authorization corresponding to the total amount of the reservation in order to be able to activate, if necessary, the said guarantee.

This guarantee may be used in particular in the event of damage, whether voluntary or not, for the costs of replacing missing objects noted at the time of the Customer's departure, if the number of people occupying the suite exceeds that provided for when booking, and in the event consumption of mini-bar, etc., which the Customer expressly recognizes and accepts.

ARTICLE 6 - Access conditions

Villa Lombardi is accessible to any natural person named the Resident. The number of people occupying Villa Lombardi cannot exceed that provided for when booking. The number of nights occupied may not exceed that provided when booking.

ARTICLE 7 - Animals

Due to the typology of the place and the options offered, Villa Lombardi is sorry that it cannot accept the presence of animals. In the event of non-compliance with this regulation, a cleaning fee of two hundred euros (200 €) will be invoiced to you. Consult us in advance to find out more.

ARTICLE 8 - Non smoking

The interior of La Villa Lombardi is strictly non-smoking. Failure to comply with this condition will result in the passage of a company specializing in cleaning and disinfection. The cost of this intervention will be billed directly to the Customer for an amount of € 300 corresponding to the price of the household smoke extraction.

ARTICLE 9 - Domiciliation ban

The Resident is prohibited from using and distributing, as a principal residence or commercial address, the address of Villa Lombardi.

By accepting these general conditions of sale, the Resident acknowledges that he is in no way acting for commercial purposes.

ARTICLE 10 - Insurance and personal items

Villa Lombardi is not responsible for the custody of any personal object left by the Resident on the property, whether present or not. Villa Lombardi and its furniture are insured by insurance in the event of fire, water leakage, burglary and broken windows. Your personal property and values ​​are not covered by this insurance. We particularly recommend that you insure for yourself and the people traveling with you all luggage, property and valuables against loss or theft. Liability insurance is also recommended for everyone.

ARTICLE 11 - Peacefulness

The Resident will ensure that tranquility is not, at any time, disturbed by his behavior and that of his guests. The use of sound devices (music, television, DVD) is authorized as long as the resulting noise does not disturb the neighbors and that compliance with laws and regulations (in particular article R. 623-2 of the Criminal Code ) is respected.

ARTICLE 12 - Additional services provided by external providers

Villa Lombardi takes no responsibility for the quality and performance of services provided by third parties or the consequences thereof. Reservation and payment transactions are made directly between the Resident and the service provider concerned, except when the transactions are made via our site for a service defined and chosen at the time of booking.

ARTICLE 13 - Equipment of La Villa Lombardi

The layout, layout and equipment of La Villa Lombardi cannot, in any case, be modified in any way. It is also prohibited for the Resident to carry out any removal of furniture and accessories belonging to Villa Lombardi or to bring additional equipment thereafter.

ARTICLE 14 - Maintenance and repairs

Housekeeping is provided before the arrival and after the departure of the Resident. The Resident is prohibited from carrying out repairs in the place himself. In case of stains on furniture, rugs, carpets, the Resident must contact Villa Lombardi.

ARTICLE 15 - Visit of the premises

Villa Lombardi employees can access Villa Lombardi to check that the installations are working properly, to carry out repairs, repairs or alterations at any time.

ARTICLE 16 - Compliance with laws and regulations

Each Resident is responsible for disturbance of enjoyment and violations of the laws and regulations in force. The use of the Internet by the Resident is subject to current French legislation (Book I and II of the Intellectual Property Code) and will remain the responsibility of the Resident if he deviates from this legislation. Villa Lombardi is equipped with secure WiFi with traceability. Access to certain sites is controlled.

ARTICLE 17 - Guarantee & Cancellation of the reservation

In the event of damage and / or theft, Villa Lombardi reserves the right to take the amount of these from your credit card. A bank guarantee will be requested at the time of your reservation (see article 5).

If it appears that the number of people occupying the apartment exceeds that provided at the time of booking, Villa Lombardi reserves the right to invoice the Client or to debit from the Client's bank card as part of the bank guarantee granted in application of article 5, the sum of 30 euros TTC per additional person to the number indicated in the reservation.

In case of cancellation of the stay by the Customer and if he has informed Villa Lombardi by registered letter or by e-mail:
Terms of cancelation

Non-cancellable non-refundable rate

Rate cancellable and refundable until D-14: the full amount of the reservation is charged on the same day of the reservation. In case of cancellation before D-14, a management fee of 5% of the amount of your reservation will remain acquired at La Villa Lombardi

There will be no refunds beyond this date.

Article 18 - Right of withdrawal

In accordance with the provisions of article L.221-2 of the consumer code and taking into account the nature of the services provided, It is expressly reminded that the Customer does not have the right of withdrawal.

The rental contract is therefore concluded definitively upon the placing of the order by the Customer according to the terms specified in these general conditions of sale.

Article 19 - Shortened stay

For any interruption of stay before the planned departure date, the entire stay initially planned will be invoiced, as compensation.

The invoice that we publish at the end of your stay can be used if necessary to be compensated (Carte Bleue insurance or other in the event of illness or other serious incident covered by your insurance).

ARTICLE 20 - Price and domiciliation of the stay

The prices are indicated in euros and all taxes included.

Villa Lombardi is fully furnished and equipped "ready to live".

The rates include the supply of linens, toiletries and cleaning before the residents arrive.

The rates also include basic insurance for the suite (water damage, fire, broken windows).

The rates do not include:

any other additional service, as well as the paid services of service providers offered by Villa Lombardi (for example: extras, mini bar drinks, etc.).
insurance of the Resident's property, luggage, jewelry and other values. Please contact your insurer before your arrival.

The places to stay are made available from 4 p.m. on the day of your arrival. On the day of your departure, the premises must be vacated by 11 a.m. at the latest. The reservation of nights is subject to the availability of the schedule.

ARTICLE 21 - Responsibilities

Villa Lombardi declines all responsibility in the event of death or bodily injury or material damage of any person renting or using Villa Lombardi unless it is due to a proven fault of our staff or ourselves. Villa Lombardi declines any responsibility in the event of loss, damage, delay due to a cause independent of its will or its control in particular the cases of force majeure, explosions, floods, storms, fire, accident, acts of war or civil threat or terrorist, measures restricting any official authority, strikes, demonstrations, etc. In such cases the rental contract may be automatically terminated without any compensation being claimed by the Resident.

Villa Lombardi declines all responsibility for noise and nuisances of all kinds which are beyond its control or control or which are not located in the rented suite.

The Resident undertakes not to use Villa Lombardi for pedophile, pornographic, terrorist or any other illegal ends.

Villa Lombardi cannot be held responsible for use for these purposes.

After the departure :

Any property belonging to Villa Lombardi and not returned will be invoiced immediately at the cost of replacement of the object, the amount of which may be taken from the bank guarantee.

ARTICLE 22 - Unforeseen

These general conditions of sale expressly exclude the legal unforeseen regime provided for in article 1195 of the Civil Code for all the Services provided by Villa Lombardi to the Customer. The Customer therefore renounces to avail himself of the provisions of article 1195 of the Civil Code and of the unpredictable regime therein provided, committing to assume himself his obligations even if the contractual balance is upset by circumstances that were unpredictable when booking and concluding the rental contract, even if their execution would prove to be excessively expensive and to bear all the economic and financial consequences.

ARTICLE 23 - Correspondence

By making a reservation, you agree to receive an e-mail that Villa Lombardi will send you before the date of your arrival in La Villa Lombardi, information on your destination and offers relevant to your stay (including offers from our partners), and

an e-mail that we can send you after the end of your stay at the hotel, inviting you to complete our customer feedback questionnaire.

Apart from the confirmation, modification or cancellation email of your reservation, sent as confirmation of the reservation, communication emails from us, invitations to fill out our customer feedback questionnaire , and emails you have agreed to receive, we will not send other announcements, emails or messages (solicited or unsolicited), unless you have expressly authorized us to do so.

ARTICLE 24 - Personal data

All the information that is requested from you relates to the Services performed by Villa Lombardi and is essential for it to provide you with the Service (s), to manage your use of the Service (s) and the commercial relationship that Villa Lombardi maintains. with you. This information is also used by Villa Lombardi to better understand your expectations. Villa Lombardi will have to transmit certain information concerning you to its partners for commercial purposes (in particular to its partners who manage all the extras that you can order). If you refuse this communication, we specify that in any event we will transmit your bank details to STRIPE, mandatory transmission to finalize your reservation.

Villa Lombardi may transmit certain information from the Resident to third parties subject to acceptance by the Resident, being specified that in the event of refusal only the bank details will be transmitted to STRIPE so that the reservation can be finalized.

You have, in any event of a right of opposition, interrogation, access, rectification and deletion on all the data concerning you, which you can exercise by sending a mail including copy of a part identity in your name with Villa Lombardi (see Legal Notice for access to a pre-filled form).

ARTICLE 25 - Miscellaneous services

Linen, pre-arrival cleaning and technical maintenance services are included in our rentals. For your greatest satisfaction and as much as possible, please tell us when you book what specific legal or additional services you want during your stay.

ARTICLE 26 - Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

Any dispute, failing to be resolved amicably, will be submitted to the competent courts.

French law alone will apply. If the general conditions of sale are translated into another language, the French version will prevail.
The cancellation of a clause of the general conditions will not affect the whole of these general conditions. The order implies the customer's full and unreserved acceptance of these general conditions which prevail over all other conditions.

All disputes relating to the interpretation and execution of this contract will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Dijon even in the event of an appeal or a plurality of defendants.

In application of article L. 612-1 of the Consumer Code, the Customer is informed that in the event of an unsuccessful prior attempt to resolve the dispute, he may have recourse to a mediation procedure by entering the Mediation Center and '' Arbitrage de Paris whose contact details are as follows:

CMAP Center of Mediation and Arbitration of Paris

39 avenue Franklin Roosevelt

75008 Paris



These general conditions, which may be modified at any time, apply to all of our Services, available directly or indirectly (through our partners) online, by e-mail, sms or by phone. By accessing our Site or any other sales platform offering the Villa Lombardi Services, by researching it, using it and / or making a reservation, you declare that you have read these general terms and conditions of sale. use, understand the scope and accept them.
These pages, their content and infrastructure, as well as the online hotel reservation service on these pages are provided by Villa Lombardi. They are only made available to you for personal, non-commercial use which remains subject to the general conditions of use set out above.

Our services are only available for private, non-commercial use. You cannot therefore resell, use, copy, monitor (for example, by means of an indexing robot or screenshots of data), display, download, reproduce or establish deep links to any content or any information, software and / or products or services available on our website as part of a commercial or competitive activity or objective.

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